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At Beech Tree Counselling, I understand that life can be a challenging journey, no matter what stage of life you're at.

From childhood to adulthood, we all face a range of difficulties such as grief, anxiety, depression, and struggles with identity. These challenges can leave you feeling overwhelmed and isolated.

That's why I'm here to offer you a supportive and empathetic space through Person Centred Counselling, Therapeutic Hypnotherapy, and children and adolescent therapy. My approach to counselling is to provide a non-judgmental and safe environment where you can feel heard and understood.

I offer flexible, one-to-one counselling sessions to help you explore and address the issues that are important to you. These can be in person, online, or over the phone. 

Together, we can work towards finding effective ways to cope with life's challenges and creating a brighter future. Contact me today to start your journey towards healing and growth.

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If you are feeling overwhelmed please know you are not alone and it's okay to seek help. You deserve to feel heard, understood, and supported on your journey towards healing and self-discovery.

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Hi I'm Jenny. As a fully qualified person-centred counsellor and hypnotherapist, I am passionate about helping people overcome their challenges and live happier, more fulfilling lives.

I've always been fascinated by the inner workings of the mind, which is why I pursued a degree in psychology and a masters in psychological approaches to health. Along the way, I discovered meditation, yoga, reiki, and NLP, and I found that these holistic practices complemented my counselling work in powerful ways.

I've had the privilege of working with a diverse range of people throughout my career, including children and young people. As a former primary school teacher and forest school leader, I've seen first-hand how important it is to support children's mental health and wellbeing and I have previously worked for a well-known children's charity.

As a mum myself, I understand the unique struggles that parents face and the importance of taking care of ourselves in order to be there for our children.

My approach to counselling is warm, empathetic, and non-judgmental. I believe that every person is unique, and that the therapeutic relationship is key to creating positive change. That's why I work collaboratively with my clients, tailoring my approach to meet your specific needs and goals.

As a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), you can rest assured that I adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct.

If you're ready to take the first step towards greater wellbeing, or you are looking for that support for your child, I'm here to help. I offer a free consultation call to all new clients, so we can get to know each other and see if we're a good fit. Whether you're struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, or any other challenge, I'm here to support you on your journey. Let's work together to create a happier, more fulfilling life

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I hold an enhanced DBS and am registered on the update service. I am fully insured and have current training on safeguarding. 
My CPD ensures I stay current and up-to-date with the most recent research and effective strategies.



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As a holistic therapist, I believe that everyone is unique and deserves a personalised approach. Together, we'll work to deepen your self-awareness, promote self-acceptance and empower you to take control of your life.

In addition to person-centred therapy, I also offer hypnotherapy to help you overcome trauma, change negative thought patterns and behaviours, manage anxiety, and achieve personal and spiritual growth.

Ready to take the first step towards a more fulfilling life? Contact me today to learn more about how we can work together.

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Being a parent or carer can feel overwhelming at times. All you want is for your child to thrive and be happy, so it can be difficult to see them struggle. It's tough.

But as much as you want to be the person they come to with their concerns and 'fix' any worries they have, this isn't always possible. Sometimes, children and young people benefit from talking to a professional, someone who has the training to help with their particular concern and someone who is unbiased.

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I am uniquely equipped to help children and young people navigate life's challenges and build the emotional resilience they need to thrive. Having experience of working with children from nursery age to teenagers, I bring a wealth of expertise to my counselling practice -  drawing on my background in teaching, as well as my work as a forest school leader and experience with a well-known children's helpline.

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Empower your child with emotional resilience and a better understanding of their emotions through counselling. I offer a safe and supportive environment where children and young people can work through any struggles they may be facing. With counselling, they can develop vital coping skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Don't hesitate to give your child the gift of emotional intelligence and resilience.

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From creative arts to guided meditations and breathing exercises, I use a range of sensory activities to help children and young people open up and feel more comfortable discussing their emotions. Whether they prefer to talk, read stories, or engage in other activities, I tailor each session to meet their unique needs and preferences. With my support, your child can build important coping skills, deepen their emotional awareness, and develop the confidence they need to thrive.

Although different methods may be used for child counselling, the aim of counselling for both children and adults is the same; to help the individual cope better with their feelings and to enjoy life again.

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At Beech Tree Counselling I provide a safe and welcoming space where you will be heard and accepted without judgement. My approach is guided by your needs and we will work together at a pace that is comfortable for you.
I respect that every individual is unique, and that everyone has the potential to make positive changes in their lives. My aim is to support you in unlocking your potential and moving towards a happier, more fulfilling life.

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“People are just as wonderful as sunsets if I can let them be… When I look at a sunset, I don't find myself saying, “Soften the orange a bit on the right hand corner”… I don't try to control a sunset. I watch with awe as it unfolds.”

Carl Rodgers

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